Founder, Financial Advisor and Income Tax Specialist

Matt started his career as a Financial Advisor and Income Tax Specialist shortly before one of the worst markets any advisor has seen. It was during this time he learned the importance of proper planning, education, and communication. Matt has used this experience over the past 13 years to develop a strategic process that marries both personal income tax planning and wealth management. Through this process, he educates his clients and helps them formulate goals to make informed decisions about their future all while helping them reduce their tax burden.
Matt’s passion is to serve others through this process and to establish long-term relationships where trust is earned through communication, transparency, and accountability.
Keeping with the theme of starting new things in difficult environments, Matt founded Illuminate Wealth Advocates, LLC, and Illuminate Tax Advisors, LLC amidst the 2020 pandemic. These companies will serve as a pathway for Matt and his team to sincerely impact his client’s lives.

When not at the office, Matt spends most of this time with his beautiful wife Vanessa, and children Landon, Lilly, and Lucy. He enjoys playing golf and is active in serving the community around him. Matt is also currently on the board of Purpose Movement, a Christian, non-profit outreach that helps support those in Arizona experiencing various needs.